Alabama Lemon Law

Lemon Law Tips

Keep all records regarding your vehicle and its history. This includes all repair orders, purchase contracts, warranty book and owners manual that came with your car.

Technical Service Bulletins
Technical Service Bulletins are instructions from the manufacturer that alert dealerships of specific defects or necessary repairs in certain models. If you don't ask your dealer might not present you with this information, so speak up and ask your technician to write your request on the repair order.

Timing Is Everything
Record the date, time and what specifically was discussed with your dealership and repair technicians concerning your vehicle and its "lemon" potential. If you have many repair orders in your possession, organize each repair attempt by date, the number of times the vehicle has been in the shop, and how many days total your vehicle has been out of service.

Ask A Professional
Don't allow your dealer, repair technicians, or others who might tell you the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle are minor and that you do not qualify under the lemon law for any sort of relief. ONLY AN ATTORNEY who is licensed to practice law in the state where you purchased your vehicle and has some familiarity with the lemon law, can make that determination!

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